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(Photo: Amlan Paliwal)

Master Chef Sitangsu Chakravarty

Ours is an ancient cooking tradition. The Vedas, religious texts from around 1500 BCE, set the basic groundwork for what is now called Hindu culture. They record the civilization of the Aryans, who travelled to India from the Upper Urals. Aryans influenced most Hindu food habits, starting from the northRead more »

Know Your Spices

Flavor Of The Season

Beginning this September, I present some unique NO-ADDED FAT recipes ranging from Mysore Kozambhu to Devilled Chicken to Sabzi Salad. In India, festivals are not just a religious affair; they also signify a celebration of culinary arts. The festive season is a time to put together your best recipes and invite your friends and family to a lip-smacking delight. When setting the table up for a meal party, the food preparation is the main task of the day, and this is something one should plan carefully in advance. So, put on your cooking caps and enjoy the celebrations!

Cabbage with Prawn

Introduction: This recipe of prawn and Cabbage cooked in Bengali (Bangla Desh) style. Cabbage gets the delicateRead more »

Regional Recipes

This is one of the most popular delicacy of Bengali cuisine. During my recent visit to Thailand, I noticedRead more »
This popular snack-item is commonly eaten in Gujarat and is made from gram flour. It is mostly served withRead more »
There has been a demand for easy to make vegetarian recipes. Aloo Harepyaj wali is a convenient option for dailyRead more »
We have received some positive response on cross culture cuisine. Here is another recipe which is veryRead more »

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