Linking India and Indian communities globally

People of Indian origin living in countries across the globe have enriched their adopted countries in diverse fields. You have made a name for yourselves in public life, economics, industry, business and trade, music and film, medicine, science, space and technology, academics and the culinary arts. Your contributions have earned you both recognition and respect. In many countries you count among the richest and influential families.

While many of you have taken on the nationality and citizenship of the countries you are living in, your bonds with your motherland remain strong. The communications revolution, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter have enabled instant communications, making it possible for Non-resident Indians and People of Indian Origin to follow closely India’s economic growth story. Many of you have returned to use their knowledge and skills for strengthening India’s developmental process.

As new generations of people of Indian origin come of age in different countries and the demographics in India too change with a far more globally aware young population coming to the forefront in different fields, it is imperative that the connections between India and its Diaspora are deepened and new bonds established. It is with this objective that we decided five years ago to start a global Indian diaspora umbrella portal,, to

a) facilitate regular exchange of information and news relevant for the Indian diaspora;

b) create the first-ever Database of the Indian Diaspora and its associations/bodies and;

c) host conversations and catalyze cultural and economic exchanges within the diaspora community

The endeavor is an offering what we envision to be the most ambitious, unique and comprehensive web portal for the Indian Diaspora, with the twin aims of not only informing and educating, but also becoming a catalyst for enriching interactions and exchanges among the Diaspora, by creating a virtual bridge between the expatriate Indian community and India as also between themselves.

The brand value is the link for the 30 million community of Indians spread across the globe, connecting them to their roots in India and to the geographically dispersed communities of ethnic and expatriate Indians around the world.

It is estimated that in three countries - the US, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia - the Indian Diaspora is over nearly three million-strong; in a dozen countries it numbers more than a million; and in close to two dozen there are at least a hundred thousand ethnic Indians.

For India, the Diaspora is a huge resource to tap into. In financial terms, their remittances have crossed $70 billion, the most any Diaspora has sent back to the mother nation. They also make significant investments in India. They are, moreover, a repository of talent, expertise and ideas that can be leveraged as India seeks high growth and development.

The dynamic interactivity of forms a vital link among the communities and the Indians everywhere, where they can share their stories of achievement and excellence; where they can network with those with similar interests, and offer their opinions and expertise.

The Indian Diaspora also chronicles for you the story of a a changing India, its progress and achievements, its cultural diversity and social trends, its economic growth and business prospects, its policies and programmes, and, in a capsule, the strength, the diversity and the wonder that is India.

The site is also where the Indian diaspora can learn how to channel their philanthropic contributions, contribute to the development of their ancestral homeland or celebrate their cultural connections.

It is also a bridge between the Indian communities for sharing ideas and exchanging experiences in dealing with problems they face in their countries, in empowering themselves socially, economically and politically, and effectively organising themselves.

The Indian Diaspora is run and curated by the Society for Policy Studies(, an independent, not-for-profit think tank based in New Delhi, that believes in the Idea of India, the importance of Being Indian and in connecting India with its Diaspora.

In a short span of five years, this portal has made a notable mark with the community.
- built a directory of over a thousand community organizations across the globe
- kept the community up to date about developments in India - from policy pronouncements to social developments to cultural celebrations
- reported achievements of Indians abroad in diverse fields
- shared hundreds of articles written for and by the community on subjects ranging from business to culture
- tapped into a potential global market comprised of the diaspora community

Why this could be an important strategic venture for you

In short, THE INDIAN DIASPORA has sought to provide anything that Indians abroad need to know about a changing India, an India on the move and achievements and travails of fellow Indians round the world.

There is a lot more we can do to link the diaspora community with India and with each other. But to do that we would need some strategic and financial support.

We believe that this venture would greatly benefit from the investment and energy of community-minded or enterprising Indians abroad.

By taking on this unique online portal, you would benefit from the foundations of a venture that would:

- provide access to a high-achieving, economically influential, politically significant, professionally respected business, scientific, academic and cultural community
- help network with Indians who matter in different countries and through them to the influential and the decision makers in those countries
- mobilise the community towards high-minded goals in the cause of education, training or philanthropy
- bring the global Indian community under one virtual umbrella to create a unique bridge going between India and Indians around the world
- be a force for policy changes in adopted countries

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