Helping Hand

Why Helping Hand?

People of Indian origin living in countries across the globe have enriched their adopted countries in diverse fields. Though many people of Indian origin have taken nationality and / or citizenship of the countries in which they live, their heart still beats for India and many still have strong bonds with their motherland and cherish their Indian heritage. They strongly feel about India and want to extend a helping hand towards their own country. It is not uncommon for NRIs and PIOs to want to do their bit for their native country, in what is loosely called "Giving Back".

Growing numbers of overseas Indians are engaged in philantrophy and donate to their various social and charitable causes and organisations. They contribute their services and money for education, poverty, healthcare and other social services in India. To build a robust and poverty-free India, a helping hand of overseas Indians is crucial.

However, it is essential for Indians overseas to know genuine organizations that work for social causes from the not so genuine ones as well as the fly-by-night operators. The intends to become an interface for overseas Indians in their quest for investment in social causes in India.

*Helping Hand* will provide detailed information like name, contact details and nature of non-profit organizations which work in the social sectors and their areas of operation. We hope this will be useful and may even lead to creating a philanthropic bridge between overseas Indians and India.


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